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Apache speed slow

Apache speed slow

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5 Apr Apache is the venerable old-timer in the http server world. high and watch your server die in a slow, painful death as Apache runs out of RAM. When that is set to "on" httpd tried to do a DNS lookup for every incoming request, and this can be slow if your local naming is not working. 17 Mar Many online businesses suffer due to Apache slow issues. At Bobcares, here's how we help server owners speed up their sites in no time.

When using Apache and X-Sendfile i have a download-speed of kB/s with my client. I also tested it with Apache and without X-Sendfile with. I am currently running Apache for directory browsing purposes only. Apache is running in Windows Vista Business with a 10 mbit up/down. It describes how to use the Apache HTTP Server's caching features to accelerate or have a need to speed up access to local files on a potentially slow disk.

I have a problem with slow Apache It's only related with https which is in general 5 time slower than the same site via http. I see this. The easiest solution to fixing a slow server is adding more hardware in the form of RAM or CPU Below are some useful tips to speed up a Apache server. 30 Jun The windows machine is significantly slower than the Linux machine is, the XAMPP setup is pretty much stock when it comes to the apache. Not on the webmin/virtuamin apache, but the webserver one. 'top' shows no strange things and normally, if apache is (a bit) slow, restarting it. 31 Jan Do you want to speed up your WordPress site? Follow A slow website means users will potentially leave your website before it even loads.

You say the server is running Apache via a WAMP (Windows equivalent of LAMP ) setup, correct? Well if that is the case open up or. 9 Jan apache/incubator-mxnet wangzhangup changed the title from CPU speed: MxNet 4 times than Caffe to CPU speed problem: MxNet slow 4 times than Caffe on @hjk41 so MxNet is still slower than caffe on CPU for now?. 14 Jul Apache isn't the issue here - the Windows Firewall combined with IPv6 is. Anything 'localhost' only listening on IPv4 will have slow responses. -- if you have search bots or if someone is opening a lot of connections there are limits in the shared.

26 Jul Working at my wordpress site on shared hosting is much faster than the site hosted greatly improved speeds for me–on Mac with apache PHP7+ setup. But it still is slower than my Vagrant VVV box and waaay slower than. If you care about web performance, get rid ss files, and turn off Apache's ability to read them. This is why: If Apache is configured to ss file. 22 Mar Hi friends my client site (Magento) loading speed is very slow how i can Apache or ; In addition, the apache mod_rewrite module must. 7 Mar How to speed up Magento - A Magento Optimization guide Magento is Don't run your MySQL server and webserver (ngnix, Apache) on the.


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